Liberte a table de TAKEDA


Chef Kenji Takeda’s “Liberte” (“Freedom”) means “rustic Frenchness.”

His aim is to provide a sense of innovative luxury by strongly valuing the fundamentals of the cuisine and service.

He takes a “free” approach to cookery, making the most of the inherent flavors of seasonal ingredients.

We hope you will enjoy “freely” experiencing your meal at Chef Takeda’s table.



Beginning his career in 1995 at “Hotel de Mikuni,” Chef Takeda set off on his path to becoming a chef and moved to France at the age of 25.

Having studied for around two years in France at “Trois Gros” and “Jardin des Sens,” Takeda continued to chalk up achievements at “Hiramatsu” and “Sens et Saveurs,” then took reins as head chef at “Restaurant-I,” Jingumae, in 2009.

“Liberte a Table de TAKEDA,” a French restaurant offering a new spin on the experiences and taste Chef Takeda has developed during his years working with French cuisine (in the “free” style he experienced during his time in France) was opened on April 17th, 2012.


2-7-14 1F Azabujuban,Minato-ku,TOKYO 1060045 JAPAN
TEL / FAX +81(0)3-5765-2556 / +81(0)3-5765-2557

CLOSE / Monday *The restaurant opens on Mondays during national holidays.

Lunch(Wed~Sun) 12:00~l.o.13:00(close 15:00)
Dinner(Tue~Sun)18:30~l.o.20:30(close 23:00)
*Sunday & national holidays : close 22:00

Seats 28

*Including 8 to 10 seats in private rooms
*Please contact us to discuss different kinds of parties to suit your budget (e.g. buffets for 50 to 60 guests).
*The restaurant does not have a strictly enforced dress code, but we request that guests refrain from attending while dressed in extremely casual clothing such as shorts and sandals.